Baby Sleep Balm

Try Our Balm for a Better Night’s Rest

Our Baby Balm is made with natural ingredients. It has a pleasant fragrance which creates a calming environment for better rest. You can help your baby to relax and prepare for sleep. With our range of organic sleep remedies that are delicate on their skin.

What Sets Naturlea Apart Regarding a Sleep Kit?

Ensuring your baby has a good night’s rest gets a lot easier with our sleep kit. A few reasons to trust Naturlea:

  • We use natural and organic ingredients. Our use of clean and pure ingredients means that these products will soothe, calm, and protect your baby’s skin. Baby Balm is ideal for helping with the relief of mild skin irritations. Such as nappy rash, eczema, and cradle cap.
  • Our products can be used on a baby from 8 weeks old. We understand that getting your little one to sleep from a young age is important for both the parent and child. Products can be gently massaged onto your baby’s skin as part of his or her nighttime routine to help with relaxation.  Also, add Baby Sleep Massage oil to your baby’s bath. This helps to diffuse the pleasant fragrance and create a calming atmosphere.
  • You will get everything you need in our Baby Sleep Kit. Our kit includes a Banksia seed pod for diffusing calming oils, baby sleep mist for spraying on their sheets, massage oil, essential oil, and sleep balm. These natural sleeping remedies will help to create a restful environment and relax your child’s body. Your baby will also benefit from the natural healing ingredients in the balm which soothes irritated skin, helping him or her to sleep soundly.

Ensuring your baby gets a good sleep is essential for your little one’s wellbeing, growth, and development.

When Buying Baby Sleep Oil, Consider This

Consider the many benefits and uses of our baby massage and sleep oils.

  • Put your sleep oil in a Banksia seed pod for longer diffusion: Our Banksia seed pod is a natural way to disperse essential oils into your room. This method of diffusion is hassle-free, and once you have it set up, you will only need to refill the pot with oil once a week. The delightful fragrance will create a calming atmosphere that will encourage relaxation and sound sleep.
  • Giving your baby a massage helps their body to relax: You are preparing and signaling that it is time to unwind and get ready for sleep when you help your baby to relax through massage. Put the oil on your hands and then massage slowly and gently over your child’s legs, feet, tummy, back, and head. This interaction can also help you to bond with your baby.
  • There are other benefits to massaging your baby with oils: You can help encourage healthy digestion through massage as well as relieve stress and tension in both parent and baby.

About Naturlea

We have been distributing high-quality oils and scent solutions for a decade. Providing our customers with organic and natural options. Our blends of essential oils are designed to help offset common problems. Including trouble relaxing or falling asleep. Contact us today for a premium service.

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