Baby Sleep Essential Oil 15ml

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Baby Sleep Essential Oil 15ml.

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Baby Sleep Essential Oil 15ml

Baby Sleep is a beautiful essential oil creation which is clean, pure and calming. The purpose of essential oils is to encourage a deeply relaxing environment enabling your baby to sleep soundly. Natural essential oils of – peru balsam, grapefruit, lavender, orange and chamomile is a pure clean scent designed to assist with relaxing your baby, preparing them for deep sleep.

Vaporiser: Add 10 drops

Massage: Add 5 drops per 10ml carrier oil.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 2 × 7 × 23 cm


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Health fads come and go, but essential oils have been used reliably and extensively in medicine for thousands of years.Aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy, can be defined as the medicinal use of naturally extracted plant aromas to promote physical and emotional well-being.

Aromatic plant extracts have many uses, from treating burns and soothing skin, to alleviating stress and relaxing the mind.

Baby sleep blend has been blended to encourage a deeply relaxing environment for baby to sleep

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