Baby Sleep Massage Oil 100ml

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Your baby is such an incredible blessing and a loving massage with Baby Sleep massage Oil is the perfect opportunity to bond with your baby. Combining the calming natural essential oils of lavender, chamomile, peru balsam , orange and grapefruit.

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Baby Sleep massage oil has been created to assist baby with the ultimate state of deep relaxation and deep sleep.

Your baby is such an incredible blessing and a loving massage with Baby Sleep massage Oil is the perfect opportunity to bond with your baby. Combining the calming natural essential oils of lavender, chamomile, peru balsam, orange and grapefruit.

A full body massage is ideal with the baby sleep massage oil, or you can put some oil on your fingertips and gently massage into your temples, neck, shoulders and pulse points (wrists). It can also be used in a bath (just add a small teaspoon) or it is beautiful to use as a body oil after a warm bath.

Baby Sleep Essential oil is combined with Organic Camellia Oil

Organic Camellia Oil is a cold pressed oil from wild Camellia Seeds, and has been renowned for years for its anti-ageing properties.

It is the most penetrative of all the natural oils, high in oleic acid and rich in antioxidants.

This incredible camellia oil has been used throughout Asia for thousands of years to moisturise the hair, skin and nails.

Camellia oil is also excellent for treatment of scar tissue, burns and stretch marks.

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It help your baby sleep better

Are you suffering from parental overwhelm or a dose of wake-at-every-small-noise, so-exhausted-but-can’t-possibly-rack-up-enough-zees sleep deprivation? Whether you’re a new mum or a third-time dad, you’re bound to fall foul of both every now and again and a baby that won’t sleep is no tonic. While parental exhaustion seems like a hopeless place, Green People is here to ensure that you’re not alone and there’s help at hand.

Once the pitter-patter of tiny feet descend, you can say goodbye to blissful nights of uninterrupted shut-eye and wave too-da-loo to Sunday lie-ins. Sleep deprivation is one of the toughest parts of adjusting to life as a new parent and, if left unchecked, it can continue throughout your parental career having a huge effect on both your home and work life.

What is Baby Sleep Massage?

In truth, infant massage is nothing new. The practice of gently massaging babies has been around for centuries, in many cultures (in Indian culture, for example). However, infant massage is a relatively new practice in the West. That’s due largely to the work of a woman named Vimala Schneider McClure.


Some of those benefits include:

improved digestion. Believe it or not, infant massage can actually aid a baby’s digestion, thereby reducing gas and bloating.

relief of stress and tension. This works for both you and your baby. Gently massaging your baby can help calm and relax her, and it will help calm and relax you in the process.

increased bonding. Nurturing touch conveys love to a baby in a way that nothing else can. So massaging your baby is a great way to strengthen the bond between you both.

improved growth and development. Studies have indicated that babies who are routinely massaged by their parents show increased weight gain and improved development.

improved sleep! That’s right, parents – infant massage really does help babies sleep well!

How To Choose the Best Massage Oil For Babies?

Every baby’s skin is different from other. Some have normal skin type, some have dry or oily and some babies have extra sensitive skin.

To start with, you can first rub some oil on the hand of your baby and check if it irritates the skin or works fine for your baby. Over the period of time, you learn which oil is best for your baby.

How to Do Baby Massage At Home

Put some oil in your hands, start from the thighs and go to the feet, rub and massage slowly and gently. Massage tummy area in a circular motion, and then put your baby on tummy and do back massage in a way to soothe and relax your baby. Give your baby a good head massage too which is good for hair growth.

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