Banksia Scent Pot

Distribute Your Favourite Essential Oil with a Banksia Scent Pot

Our Banksia scent pot delivers a natural method of diffusing your favorite aroma throughout your home. These beautifully-handcrafted pots look fantastic while they effortlessly disperse a delightful fragrance. Made from the seed cone of the Banksia Grandis in South Western Australia. Investing in this natural diffuser means that you can soak up the benefits of numerous essential oils with ease.

Why Trust Naturlea Regarding a Banksia Aroma Pod?

We bring you quality natural remedies.

  • We are experienced and passionate about aromatherapy. Our company was founded by a skilled aromatherapist. We have been producing natural essential oils for ten years. Our skills and our unique blends of natural essential oil deliver you a product that helps to nourish your mind, body, and soul.
  • Our products are organic: We produce natural essential oils made from organic ingredients, and we are licensed and certified producers. We give you the confidence that what you are using in your home and around your family is a dependably organic product.
  • You can find our products in numerous stockists: You can source our products from local stockists around Australia in addition to ordering online. Our company is trusted by many customers. Just like you who care about health and wellness, leading to widespread distribution.

Tips to Consider When Using Your Banksia Scent Pod

Consider these tips to get the most out of your aroma pod. And reap the full benefits of your essential oils.

  • Regularly top up your pod when first in use: Ensure that you add a few drops of your chosen essential oil daily for one week when first putting it to use. This top-up allows the oil and its aroma to be absorbed by the seed pod. This will then be dispersed into your room. After the first week, you only need to add a few drops to the scent pot every seven days.
  • Thoroughly dry out your pot before changing the oil fragrance: You can change up the scent being diffused from your pod. It is essential to allow the pot to completely dry out for two weeks. Before you re-start with a new fragrance. This lapse prevents contamination of essential oil scents and ensures your pot is distributing only your chosen aroma.
  • These scent pods are ideal for any room in your home: Although these pots look beautiful on display in your lounge. You will also notice the benefits of placing these pods in other rooms or even in vehicles. You can remove any unpleasant smells. In the kitchen, laundry, or toilet areas with a nicely-scented essential oil. These aromas can also intensify. When you place a few drops of oil around the outside of the scent pod every time you refill.

About Naturlea

We have been providing high-quality, natural, and organic essential oils for more than ten years. Our company offers you easy access to natural products and aromatherapy blends. This helps you find some relief from the symptoms of common problems. Such as trouble sleeping, anxiety, colds, and many others. Contact us today for a fast and convenient service.

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