Essential Oils Guide

Natural Essential Oils Guide

Ranging from medicinal and cosmetic to psychological, natural essential oils affect both our state of mind and our emotions.

Many essential oils have the ability to:

  • boost the immune system and some affect our hormones.
  • sedate or stimulate the body and mind and sometimes do both at the same time to create balance.
  • have a strong impact on our attitudes and reactions.

How does it work?

The sense of smell acts mostly on a subconscious level.
A group of nerves run from the bridge of the nose directly to the brain. As certain aromas enter the nostrils and make direct contact with the nerves, they spark off a reaction in the brain. This links into the “Limbic System”, which is the centre of emotions and memory.

Through the limbic system the pituary glands are stimulated. This causes reactions in our nervous system, affecting hormones, body temperature, appetite, thirst, digestion, nerves, insulin production, stress, repulsion and pleasure.

We all have a highly developed scent communication we are mostly unaware of. Subconsciously it can affect and influence how we are attracted to a mate or repulsed by another person, without really knowing why.

Certain scents provide us with good or bad memories, that relate to associations with past experiences.

Naturlea’s Range of Natural Essentials Oils:

Bergamot CalabrianItalyfruit rindsedative, antiseptic, soothing agent
CedarwoodUSAwoodreduces stress and tension
Cedarwood AtlasMoroccowoodsedative, reduces stress, anxiety and tension
EucalyptusAustralialeavescooling and deodorising effect on the body, mind clearing
Grapefruit WhiteAustralia,USAfruit rindsoothing effect on skin and scalp, treats stress and nervous exhaustion
Jasmine AbsoluteIndia, Egyptflowersaphrodisiac, generates warmth and passion
Lavender TrueFranceflowering topssedative, calms the mind, deeply relaxing
LemonAustralia, Italyfruit rindclears the mind, antiseptic, detoxifying
Lemon MyrtleAustralialeavesimpoves concentration, emotionally uplifting
LemongrassCongoleavesuplifting and energising, deodorising
LimeWest Indiesfruitrefreshing and uplifting
MandarinItaly USAfruit rindsoothing restlessness, tonic effect on digestive system
Orange SweetUSA, Australia, Italyfruit rindmuscle relaxant, treats nervousness and anxiety, reduces self doubt
PatchouliIndonesialeavesgrounding, centering, and sensualising
PeppermintUSA, Australialeavesstimulates the mind and concentration, mental agility
Peru BalsamEl Salvadoroleoresinsoothing, relieves stress and nervous tension, dry skin, eczema
Roman ChamomileEuropeflowering topssoothes restlessness, irritability and impatience
Rose GeraniumEgypt, Chinaleavesrelieves stress, calms the mind and relaxes the body
Rose OttoTurkey, Moroccoflowersaphrodisiac, softening and hydrating
RosewoodBrazilwoodanti depressant, uplifting
TagetesSouth Americaflowerssedative, antiseptic
VetiverIndonesiarootsrelaxing, reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression
Ylang YlangMadagascarflowersaphrodisiac, relaxing, reduces anxiety

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