Indulged Coffee Body Scrub

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Indulged Coffee Body Scrub

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Indulged Coffee Body Scrub


Indulged Coffee Body Scrub includes sugar, Himalayan pink rock salt, certified organic South Pacific coconut oil, certified organic Arabica coffee, indulged essential oil blend.


Wet your body in the shower. Take a scoop in your hand and massage into your skin for 30 seconds. Continue until all body areas have been massaged with the coffee scrub. Leave to soak into your skin for a minute if desired then rinse off. For best results pat dry with a soft towel to leave skin smooth, hydrated, and deeply nourished.

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Weight 230 g
Dimensions 2 × 17 × 23 cm


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Coffee Scrub for that Flawless Beach-Ready Body

So you’ve booked your beach vacation or the poolside holiday well in time. You’ve cross checked that you DSLR is all in good condition, have bought some of the coolest attires but have you indulged yourself in a body scrub to attain that flawless bod. Well, you don’t need to spend hours and thousands in the spa to get Insta-worthy pics.

5 minutes every alternate day or two is what can help you achieve your flawless summer skin goals. And what can be better than Coffee, which contains more antioxidants than blueberries, is readily available all year through and costs less than a cup of coffee at your local café.

Indulge with an Organic Coffee Scrub?

You may have come across unique skin care treatments such as chocolate skin creams, seaweed mask, mud treatments, avocado spas, orange dip, strawberry facials, wasabi dextoxifier…etc . But have you ever heard of an organic coffee scrub?

Many Australians wake up every morning relying on the daily cup of coffee to help give them the jump start needed to rev ahead for the long day. Sometimes, the simple aroma of coffee beans is enough to stimulate our awareness to keep us alert and fresh.

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