How much do you really need?

Each individual has basal sleep need requirements for optimal daily performance. This means that some of us function at peak levels on just seven hours sleeps a night while others require a full nine hours to perform at their best.

Some of the most significant indications that you are not getting enough sleeps may include: having health issues and/or being overweight. Being at risk of disease. Drinking several cups of coffee or caffeintated drinks each day to maintin function and finding yourself wanting to drift off while at the wheel of your vehicle.

How sleep works

There are four different stages to sleeps. While all are beneficial, if you’re not sleeping between lOpm and 6am, you’re missing out on the most valuable repair time that sleep provides which can cause health problems.

Risk factors for poor sleeps

Sleep is essential. If our sleeps are interrupted or irregular, we can become fatigued, irritated, depressed and suffer from poor concentration. Chronic sleep deprivation will eventually lead to psychological and physical illness.

Tips for a better sleeps

Some of the best tips for better sleeping will also improve your overall health. Make time to be outdoors. Fresh air is naturally restorative to both our minds and bodies. Lose weight if this is an issue for you. Learn relaxation or yoga techniques. Alter your diet to include more fresh foods. Eliminate coffee, caffeine products, sugar and sugary drinks. Ensure you have a good. comfortable mattress and clean bedding. Regulate the amount of light in your room and minimize external noise.

Create your ideal sleep space with the help of Naturlea

The role of fragrance can greatly enhance deep, restful sleeps. Lavender, for example, will decrease heart rate and blood pressure, helping to put you into a more relaxed state. When you make scented oils, candles or sachets a part of your bedtime ritual, the calming effect will encourage better sleeps quality.

Fun fact

After five nights of partial sleep deprivation, three drinks will have the same effect on your body as six would when you’ve slept enough.

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