Naturlea kind, Naturlea earth born.

Naturlea provides luxurious aromatherapy solutions created and inspired by earth born nature. We are 100% Australian owned and proudly made.

Essential oils have been used for centuries, and we have a selection of pure essential oil remedies made easy to help you find your balance, relax your thoughts, soothe your body and rejuvenate your wellbeing.

Our pure essential oil blends have been formulated to assist you with finding your balance and improving your wellbeing by focussing on the main stresses we encounter every day. Our products are carefully blended and come in a variety of sizes and usage methods.

Our exclusive remedies include - SLEEP, ANXIETY, ENERGISE, HEADACHE, SPORTS RECOVERY, INDULGED, BABY SLEEP and CLEAR. All of these are available in a variety of formulations such as mist sprays, roll-ons, oil blends, bath soaks and balms.

Are you having trouble sleeping? We have a pure essential oil blend for you to try. Using lemon, mandarin, bergamot and chamomile to name a few, our specialised oil blend will work to soothe your mind with the aim to support a deeper state of relaxation.

Are you feeling tired during the day? Try our energised range to give you a fresh perspective in the afternoon. Awaken your senses with lime, lemongrass, eucalyptus and a few other refreshing pure essential oils.

Do you feel like you just need some time to yourself? It’s really important to take a break and focus on your own wellbeing. Your body is your journey so try our indulged range and let the pure essential oils of lime, sweet orange, ylang ylang and others treat your mind and nourish your skin.

Do you have small children that you want to provide the most natural remedies to? Our Baby Sleep range uses calming aromas to assist with creating a peaceful and soothing environment for your bubs. Using pure essential oils such as chamomile, peru balsam, lavender and others we have gentle products to nurture both you and your little ones.

Are you feeling congested? Or finding you just can’t shake that cold? Try our Clear remedies that have been designed to promote natural relief from chest and nasal congestion, muscular aches and respiratory stress with a collection of pure essential oils such as lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus.

Are you feeling a little anxious? Do you have a few things on your mind? We have an anxiety remedy that is lovingly blended using pure essential oils such as orange, ylang ylang and bergamot that are well known for assisting with relaxation and reducing tension.

Have you been stressed lately and can’t seem to shake that tension headache? Our Headache range has been gently formulated to help you find relief using pure essential oils such as lavendar, orange and peppermint.