Essential Oil Scent Pod

by Naturlea Earth Aromatics


Hand crafted from an Australian Banksia Grandis Seed this little pod is the perfect oil diffusers to release your favourite essential oil blend.

The natural pores of banksia timber allow the essential oils to slowly release through the holes.

It's discreet size makes it perfect to position in your bathroom, office, bedroom or any small space you want to enhance.

How to Use
The pod is a slow releasing diffuser that requires minimal effort to maintain.

To use your scent pod, remove the cork and place 5 drops of your Naturlea pure essential oil blend into the hole. Replace the cork and position on a flat surface.

Add an additional 2 drops per day for 1 week to allow the pod to absorb enough oil to release.

Top up your pod once a week thereafter with 2-3 drops.

Made from 100% sustainably sourced Australian Banksia Grandis.

Naturlea Kind . Naturlea Earth Born

Made in Melbourne, Australia

Our pure essential oil blends have been formulated to assist you with finding your balance and improving your wellbeing by focussing on the main stresses we encounter every day. Our products are carefully blended and come in a variety of sizes and formulations such as mist sprays, roll-ons, oil blends, bath soaks and more.

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